‘The Division’ won’t be a ‘port to PC’, dogs play no significant role

 ‘The Division’ won’t be a ‘port to PC’, dogs play no significant role

When games are initially announced for consoles and have a PC announcement follow at a later date, speculation usually rises that a port is happening. If you had that speculation about The Division by Ubisoft, don’t worry, it’s not going to be “just a port” for the PC version.

In a recent Q&A for the game, a question was asked regarding the difficulties of next-gen development for the team. Nicolas Ross-Edwards, Corporate Community Manager for The Division, touched on a few subjects but clarified how the game is being built.

For me I would say making sure you set the scope of the game correctly: It has to be big but also possible, and that’s a fine line to walk. Recently we announced the game for PC, so really the way we look at it now is that we have three games. We have an Xbox One, PS4 and PC game, each of which we are developing for. We can’t just port to PC; we are building all of these games simultaneously and it’s a huge undertaking. But having said that, we have a fantastic team at Massive and we’ll be working with some other studios at Ubisoft to get the job done.

With Call of Duty: Ghosts putting a ton of attention on a dogs in their game, Nicolas jokingly discussed the role that dogs will play in The Division.

Well, it’s a next-gen game so obviously it’s got to have dogs! No, dogs won’t have any special significance other than the fact that New York has over 300,000 dogs living in the city, so imagine if they are all let loose at once… You may encounter some particularly nasty ones, but no they don’t play a significant role.

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