Ubisoft launching gaming tournaments, open to the public

 Ubisoft launching gaming tournaments, open to the public

Ubisoft has some interesting plans for competitive gaming in the coming months. The Next Level will be a series of gaming tournaments held at various conventions, the first of which will be found at PAX Prime later this week.

Senior director of player engagement Josh Milligan described the program as eSports for the less hardcore, referring to classical eSports as “the post-graduate program for gamers.” Tournaments held under The Next Level banner will try and provide lower impact competitive experiences, and will unsurprisingly revolve around Ubisoft properties, although the studio is in talks with third-party publishers.

Goals for these competitions will stray from the norm, as instead of the clear-cut conflict of something like StarCraft, players might be given random objectives within Far Cry 3. Prizes are to include gaming gear and things of that nature.

While the overall objective may be a bit pie in the sky, we’ll see what happens over the next year. Outside of conventions, online tournaments are also planned. Check out the base riddled announcement trailer below.

Via: Polygon


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