‘Dead Rising 3’ NOT a timed exclusive, says Capcom

 ‘Dead Rising 3’ NOT a timed exclusive, says Capcom

One of the primary sources of conflict between Xbox One and PS4 fanboys is the number of exclusive games on each console. As it stands, PS4 has slightly more, but One has some good ones as well. One of these is Dead Rising 3.

The impressive looking zombie game, while announced as an Xbox One exclusive, was rumored to eventually come to the PC at the very least, if not the PS4 (similar to the confirmed rumors that Xbox One exclusive Titanfall would be doing so). Capcom, however, has stepped forward to refute all of these rumors. This was confirmed at Gamescom, where a Capcom representative said, “We see a lot of this online. It’s not coming to PS4 or PC.”

There you have it. The game, which is open world and will continue the series tradition of being able to combine weapons in ridiculous ways, will be one game Xbox One owners should be proud to have as an exclusive.

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