Twitch coming to PlayStation 4, video services under no paywall, background music in-game


A bunch of neat entertainment functions got announced for PlayStation 4 that’ll serve the videogame streamer or music enjoyer out there.

Starting up is Twitch is coming to PlayStation 4. That’ll be the other streaming software you can use with the PS4 as well as Ustream. We know that you won’t need PS+ to stream or share game footage which is nice.

Next, a bunch of video services will be coming to PlayStation 4 but most importantly, they’re not under any paywall and part of the basic PSN package.

Lastly, you’ll able to play any of your background music that’s on your PS4 in your game which is pretty awesome for playing a sports game and wanting to listen to some jazz while doing so!

Let us know in the comments what you think of services coming to PlayStation 4 in the comments below and we’ll bring you more Gamescom news.

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