‘The Division’ is coming to PC, according to Massive

 ‘The Division’ is coming to PC, according to Massive

Despite months of beating around the bush about whether it was coming to PC or not, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have finally announced that the ambitious Tom Clancy’s The Division will in fact be coming to PC. The Division wowed gamers at E3 this year with it’s merging of singleplayer and multiplayer in a post-apocolypticish version of New York. However, the one question people kept asking about the game was, “What about a PC version, huh?” Well, after a very successful online petition, Ubisoft has decided there is a fairly significant want for a PC version and announced today that there will in fact be one. Executive Producer for the game Fredrik Rundqvis announced the news through a video on YouTube:

So, there you have it. Massive is promising a first-rate PC version of the game. Whether they hold true to their word remains to be seen. However, as Rundqvis stated, they got their start on PC, so I’d like to believe they’ll use that experience well. As for the game itself, Ubisoft has promised that there will be more news about the game during Gamescom this week.

Source: Ubisoft (via PC Gamer)

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