‘Guardians of Middle-earth’ coming to PC, console owners get it free

 ‘Guardians of Middle-earth’ coming to PC, console owners get it free

Monolith Productions and WB Games recently announced that their Lord of the Rings-themed console MOBA Guardians of Middle-earth is no longer exclusive to consoles. The game is coming to Steam on August 29th. The port is being developed by Zombie Studios (known best for Blacklight: Retribution and the upcoming Deadlight) and will take full advantage of the inherent superiority of the platform for the genre. The game will come in two versions: a standard version that costs $20 ($18 if you pre-order it) and a Mithril Edition that comes with all the DLC, 60,000 in-game gold, an exclusive item, and a standard copy of the game to be gifted to a friend that comes in at $80 ($72 if pre-ordered). In addition to this news, Monolith also added in this little bit of good will by giving any console owner of the game a PC copy for free. Details on how to claim your copy can be found on the game’s website.

You can find our review of the PSN version here.

Source: Monolith Productions & WB Games (via Boss Dungeon)

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