Major Nelson: Xbox One users may not able to voice chat with 360 players

Xbox One

When the Xbox One launches later this year, one of the burning questions owners will have will be in regards to party chat. While owners of the Xbox One can voice chat with another user who owns the console, the burning question as of late has been if they can speak to Xbox 360 players.

Major Nelson addressed that issue today via Reddit, stating that the Xbox One uses a better quality bandwidth CODEC leading him to doubt that they’re compatible. Major Nelson did state that this new CODEC will bring better quality voice chats between users, but this does likely mean that Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will not be able to chat to one another.

When a user asked Major Nelson why he doesn’t try out his own Xbox 360 and Xbox One systems that he has in the office, he stated that his Xbox One is running “non-final code”. While it doesn’t seem likely that owners of the different systems can voice chat, it still seems plausible that text chats will work just fine between the consoles.

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