Zatanna confirmed as next DLC character for ‘Injustice’

 Zatanna confirmed as next DLC character for ‘Injustice’

Netherrealm’s Ed Boon has been active on Twitter lately, asking fans for who they want to see as another DLC character and participating in unofficial polls for the game as well. It looks like the fans have been heard, as one of the most hotly demanded characters has been selected as the next DLC.

Zatanna is a female magician (and witch) who has a storied history with both Batman and the Justice League, and is well known for….speaking backwards. Sounds like weird stuff, but the powers definitely seem to translate to an interesting and effective character that uses a variety of short- and mid-range attacks combined with teleportation to hand Solomon Grundy’s ass to him on a plate. She apparently can change her stance as well, swapping between illusion powers and spells. As with all of the DLC characters, Zatanna will be $5 and you can get her on August 13. Check out the video below.

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