HiRez Studios closes official forums in favor of social media

 HiRez Studios closes official forums in favor of social media

HiRez Studios announced that it will be closing its official forums “within no more than 24 hours” Tuesday and that all concerned parties should direct their attention to their various social media channels, citing the various subreddits for their games as their new official forums, according to a blog post on HiRez Studios’ website.

“To continue discussing Hi-Rez games and initiatives within a forum-like setting, the established community sub-Reddits will be utilized,” the blog post read.

This decision came as a surprise to moderators of the Tribes subreddit, one of whom reasons that Reddit is simply not capable of serving the purpose of an actual forum.

“There’s no point in creating extra subreddits because they won’t be frequented, there’s no point in just allowing tech support posts because they become impossible to find and we can only have one post “stickied” to the top at any one time. Forums are ideal because of their very nature – Reddit is just not a good format for this sort of thing,” a comment from ‘WellEndowedMod’ reads.

Members of the Tribes subreddit responded by positing to the community that HiRez developers be banned from the subreddit.

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