‘Battlefield 4’ Battlescreen won’t be supported on 360 and PS3

 ‘Battlefield 4’ Battlescreen won’t be supported on 360 and PS3

A new feature coming to EA’s upcoming Battlefield 4 is Battlescreen, a neat feature that gamers should find a lot of benefit in. However, current generation console gamers will not be able to take advantage of the system, says producer Jesper Nielsen. 

Battlescreen is a feature that allows the game to interface with your smartphone, PC screen, or tablet. Away from the game, you’ll be able to check global and personal stats and configure loadouts. You can also select a server to play on and jump right in when you get home. While playing the game, Battlescreen acts as a mini map, just as you’d see in the bottom corner of the screen normally, but you can also set up attack and mark points using the touch screen. In between lives, you can use the device to set up a new loadout on the fly, assemble challenges and missions with friends, instantly migrate to another server, or get involved with leaderboards. The idea of Battlescreen is to enrich the experience between friends and be more immersive–a goal that definitely seem feasible. This technology comes at a price however, and will only work on PC and the next-generation consoles. So if you are playing current-gen, you’re going to have to live without Battlescreen.

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