Capcom’s ‘Deep Down’ has a new teaser, could be online-only

 Capcom’s ‘Deep Down’ has a new teaser, could be online-only

The last time anyone heard of any new details for Capcom’s Deep Down was at the PlayStation 4 reveal. Not much new has been said but a new teaser was released today. Check it out below:

It’s short and still confirms it’s a PS4-exclusive. Capcom Online Games will be handling the development, suggesting it’ll have at least some form of online. Although since the original Dragon’s Dogma didn’t have online support, maybe this is a new franchise instead of continuing the name? The title doesn’t have ‘working title’ written underneath it anymore. Also, in the YouTube information, it says ‘online-only’, suggesting it’s just an online-only game.

We’ll hopefully learn more details by September for Tokyo Game Show or possibly Gamescom. Deep Down currently has no release date/window.

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