‘Splinter Cell Blacklist’ Spies Vs Mercs introduction video


Splinter Cell has a lot of things going for it as a franchise, and has had many installments of varying popularity. However, one thing everyone can agree with is that multiplayer mode Spies Vs Mercs is awesome. Splinter Cell: Blacklist brings the mode back, and here’s the introductory video. ‘

Community Developer Zack Cooper introduces the mode and displays a few of the features of the 4v4 Blacklist version of the mode. Firstly, the perspective will change based on your class: Mercs get a first person view, while Spies will operating in third person. Of course, each class will operate with distinct objectives as well: in the video the Spies get cool gadgets, use EMPs, perform stealth kills and hack into computer systems. This isn’t a game where you can be a lone wolf, either; teamwork is vital to success. Check out the video below to see a Spy in action.

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