PS4 reserves 3.5GB of RAM for operating system

 PS4 reserves 3.5GB of RAM for operating system

Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation 4 reserves 3.5GB of its 8GB of RAM for its operating system, according to a Eurogamer report.

A development source confirms the news to Eurogamer, who reports that the system leaves 4.5GB of space open to developers. The report notes, however, that an additional 1GB of “flexible memory” could be reclaimed from the OS allocation, according to sources.

Sony’s OS reservation isn’t terribly dissimilar from Microsoft’s Xbox One, which allocates 3GB of RAM to its operating system. The increase in RAM allocation over the PS3 will allow the system to perform more tasks in the background.

Internal Sony documents say 4.5GB is the base amount of RAM available to developers, Eurogamer notes, though sources say devs can request more “flexible memory” as long as the background operating system can spare the memory.

This will surely come as a surprise to some, as previously leaked documents slated 512MB set aside for the PS4’s OS – however, as Eurogamer writes, at the time of those reports it was rumored the system would ship with 4GB of RAM instead of eight.

The entire Eurogamer report is well worth a read. What do you think, gamers? How do you feel about news of the OS allocation? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Eurogamer

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