Sony announces 2013 PLAY promotion titles

 Sony announces 2013 PLAY promotion titles

Sony’s annual PLAY promotion, which discounts a handful of unique games you might not have heard of, is back in full swing and you can start preordering them today.

Part of the allure of the promotion is the discounts you can get in on if you buy correctly. If you preorder or buy any 2 of the games, you get $3 in Wallet funds. If you get 3 of them, you get $6 and if you get all four you get $10. The PlayStation Blog has the scoop on the games.

Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark (July 23), formerly known as Stealth Bastard Deluxe, has been described as a combination of Metal Gear Solid and Super Meat Boy. It’s a challenging, fast-paced stealth platformer with no means of defense, so you have to be quick and careful to avoid being seen. There is also a level editor coming to the game so you can see if your friends are smarter than you are. The game supports cross buy and will cost $9.99, or $7.99 for Plus members.

Cloudberry Kingdom (July 30) hasn’t gotten a lot of press or recognition from the mainstream since its Kickstarter last year. That said, it does look pretty crazy–it’s a colorfully-animated side-scroller that looks like some combination of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and something Behemoth Games might make. There are more than 10 heroes to choose from and each level is randomly generated. Local 4-player co-op is also available. This will cost you $9.99, or $7.99 if you’ve got Plus.

ibb & obb (August 6) is a cooperative puzzle-based game with gravity reversal mechanics and a heavy emphasis on teamwork. That’s about all there is in terms of information on it, but it will feature music by Kettel, which is almost worth the price of admission alone ($9.99 regular, $7.99 Plus).

DuckTales Remastered (August 13) is probably the one you’ve all been waiting for here. This is a full HD remake of the classic game done (hopefully) right, with all of the sprites and environments hand-drawn and the original show’s voice cast lending their talents. Early gameplay videos show that this appears to retain all of the charm of the show and the original game. Your nostalgia dose will cost $14.99, but only $11.99 if you subscribe to Plus.

Are there any of these you’re really excited for? Tell us in the comments or find us on Facebook or Twitter!

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