Online services for ‘MAG’ and ‘SOCOM’ shutting down

 Online services for ‘MAG’ and ‘SOCOM’ shutting down

Online multiplayer services for SOCOM 4SOCOM Confrontation, and MAG will be shut down on January 28th, 2014. The news come via the official PlayStation Twitter account.

For those unaware, the SOCOM series is a long-standing franchise of third-person shooters inspired by the real life United States Special Operations Command. MAG, also known as Massive Action Game, was an attempt by developer Zipper Interactive at an MMOFPS.

The announcement isn’t too surprising considering Confrontation alone is almost five years old, but it’s always sad to see online communities disappear. It’s all the more poignant knowing that SOCOM developer Zipper closed its doors back in 2012.

Source: Twitter
Via: NeoGAF

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