‘Mass Effect 4’ friendly for newcomers, new Bioware IP made from core KOTOR team


Things have been very calm on the Mass Effect front but we do know a new game is in the works at least. While nothing groundbreaking, it did have some promising strides in what the next title in the series will do as well as who’s making their new IP.

First, a user on Twitter asked Studio Director Yanick Roy at Bioware Montreal if it’ll have a Gensis-style comic that was first introduced in Mass Effect 2 on the PS3. Interesting response follows:

While it’s too soon to tell, it’ll be accompanying newcomers and old fans alike. He also stated that all of the open relationships from the previous games will be staying in the series.

Another cool tidbit is Executive Producer Casey Hudson said that the new IP Bioware is creating is made up from core members of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

The new IP seems to be going smoothly according to Bioware Edmonton’s Jonathan Warner on Twitter, he stated

We’re pretty far off learning more about both of these games but it’s nice to see both of them are moving steadily towards our gaming machines. Let us know in the comments below or post on our Facebook or Twitter

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