‘Black Ops II’ trailer: The Replacers are back

 ‘Black Ops II’ trailer: The Replacers are back

A few months ago, as part of an ad campaign, Activision rolled out a characters called The Replacer (Peter Stormare) as the man that would replace you in your role in day-to-day life so you can play Black Ops II 24/7. The second installment of the video is here to herald the next set of DLC.

This one features a couple more Replacers, though shtick admittedly isn’t quite as funny this time around. Luckily, they are quickly switched out for some actual gameplay featuring the maps, and they are looking good. I haven’t bought any DLC yet, but these maps are starting to tempt me, particularly with the updated version of Summit, one of the absolute best maps from the original Black Ops. Chuckle (or don’t) at the video below, then pick up the map pack if you so choose when it releases on July 2 for 360, and a bit later for everyone else.

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[youtube id=”_SWrzMbp0Fg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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