DICE approaching ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ as a “rebirth of the brand”

 DICE approaching ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ as a “rebirth of the brand”

In speaking with Computer and Video Games, Patrick Söderlund, executive vice president of the EA Games Label revealed that the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game will be a “rebirth of the brand.”

“When it comes to the actual game, the approach we’re going to take is it’s a rebirth of the brand, it is Star War: Battlefront done the DICE way. The original Battlefront games actually took a lot of inspiration from Battlefield and they’ve been publicly open about that. As the guys said, the game is ‘coming home’. That’s as much as we can say.”

Announced at E3 2013 during EA’s press conference, Star Wars: Battlefront will be launching at an unspecified date on next-gen consoles and PC.

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Source Computer and Video Games

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