New ‘GTA V’ screens show off yet more open-world action

 New ‘GTA V’ screens show off yet more open-world action

Grand Theft Auto V is just a few months away, one last major release to close out this console generation (not counting all of this holiday season’s blockbuster titles that will double-launch on current and next-gen consoles, that is). The latest in Rockstar’s blockbuster returns to San Andreas’ well-trod ground of Los Santos, featuring for the first time a group of protagonists instead of one playable character.

With release so close at hand, bits of information are coming at a faster and faster clip. This week, PC Gamer got hold of nine new screens from the game, which show off some of the hijinks you can get up to in GTA V – gunplay, car chases, even scuba diving.

Check out the screens and let us know what you think in the comments.

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