Upload Studio announced for Xbox One

 Upload Studio announced for Xbox One

During Microsoft’s conference, in which one speaker got absolutely trashed in a game of Killer Instinct, the end of the match saw a message pop up at the bottom of the screen announcing that a clip had been recorded. This is Upload Studio

With Upload Studio, players can record clips of games and then upload them straight to the cloud for other players to watch. Through a partnership with Twitch, clips can be recorded straight on the console and then uploaded to the service. It was no made clear, however, whether this feature would start recording when a button was pressed, or if it would record the last minute of gameplay up to the button press. Either way, it looks like a seamless program that should be extremely convenient for gamers that want to share gameplay with their friends.

Do you enjoy sharing and watching other gameplay enough to use this feature, or are capture devices sufficient? Tell us in the comments, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter!

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