‘Killer Instinct’ is coming to Xbox One *UPDATE*

 ‘Killer Instinct’ is coming to Xbox One *UPDATE*

Update: Rare are actually not working on this title, suffice to say, as Double Helix Games will be handling the new iteration. They’ve made Battleship and Silent Hill: Homecoming.

Finally rumored, now finally confirmed in a short teaser, seems Rare finally listened to its fans. Killer Instinct is back, baby on the Xbox One.

Not much is known other than it’s coming and it looks like a 2D styled fighting game. Jago, Cinders and Sabrewulf are all returning and it looks pretty cool! Hopefully we’ll have the trailer up later.

This is the first entry since Killer Instinct Gold on the Nintendo 64. Rare was purchased by Microsoft in 2002 and have been first-party ever since. It’s pretty huge but it’s not Jet Force Gemini like I hoped.

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