E3: ‘Titanfall’ gameplay shows mechs, explosions

 E3: ‘Titanfall’ gameplay shows mechs, explosions

Update: Titanfall will also be coming to PC

Respawn’s debut game, Titanfall, finally got a gameplay reveal during Microsoft’s press conference today at E3. The game looks about how you would expect it to, with some neat twists.

The E3 footage showed what looked like some multiplayer footage in a small demolished town. Players can either run around on their own or get into a mech, which is available after a certain interval. The weapons look like semi-futuristic versions of existing ones, but the mechs definitely look cool, if reminiscent of the ones from the movie AvatarThis mode looks like a basic deathmatch, but I’d expect Respawn to come up with some creative mech-based modes. At this time, it’s unclear whether the game is multiplayer only.

Again, there are some pretty clever additions to the core gameplay. Infantry can employ limited-use jetpacks as well as do moderate amounts of free-runnings, as in the trailer the player was able to rebound off two billboards to get to a different building. In a mech, you can physically rip a human out of another mech and toss him aside, or as a human, can scale a mech to kill its driver. While it’s hard to say before playing it, it looks like Respawn is working hard to make sure things stay balanced. For now, the game is set for the Xbox systems exclusively, but the rumor of whether the game will eventually make its way to other consoles has not yet been addressed. The game is set for Spring 2014.

Will mech combat entice you to play Titanfall? Tell us in the comments, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter!

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