‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ is an iOS shooter

 ‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ is an iOS shooter

We’ve been teased about a new Deus Ex game for a while with a trademark and the tease of a reveal. Now we finally know and it’s going to be a shooter coming to the iOS platform.

It’s set entirely in first-person like the original titles, and retains the same feel you’ll know and love from Human Revolution. The story takes place in 2027 just like in Human Revolution. You play as Ben Saxon, a former SAS Mercenary and also an ex-member of the Tyrants or the bosses you fought in HR. Powerful corporations have access to a drug that augmented humans need to survive. It’s up to Ben to save this drug from the hands of the corporations.

Set to be the first installment of the mobile series, Deus Ex: The Fall will set you back $6.99 on iOS this summer. Here’s the announcement trailer below and a gallery following:

[youtube id=”p1b8k469DbY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Kind of wanted a new console Deus Ex game but this could be an interesting experiment. Let us know the comments what you think or post to our Facebook or Twitter.

via Pocketgamer

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