Rockstar details ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Special and Collector’s Editions

 Rockstar details ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Special and Collector’s Editions

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is coming this September but they’re detailing some upcoming incentives for pre-orders and detailed the Special and Collector’s edition of the title.


For anyone who pre-orders the game in standard retail or higher editions, they’ll get the a free Atomic Blimp as a free in-game vehicle. Cannot wait to crash this into buildings hopefully but looks like a pretty neat vehicle for the skies.


The Special Edition comes with the game in a steelbook case, blueprint map, special ability boosts for each character, Stunt Plane Trials, bonus outfits, tattoos, and additional weapons. It’ll retail for $79.99.


If you want everything and more, the Collector’s Edition includes everything from the Special Edition plus a GTAV security deposit bag with a key, a New Era snapback cap, custom characters inspired from classic GTAs for the Grand Theft Auto Online Character Customization which sounds like it’s for multiplayer and unique vehicles and garages.

All in all, you’ll be getting a good amount of content if you want to spend a little or a lot more. The blueprint map is what I’d want the most but who knows, maybe you’ll need a security deposit bag? Let us know in the comments what one you’ll be picking up or post in our forums.

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