Rumor: New ‘Crackdown’ game for Xbox One?

 Rumor: New ‘Crackdown’ game for Xbox One?

The Xbox One reveal wasn’t too heavy on games but that’s mostly because they’re waiting for E3. But they might have hinted an upcoming exclusive while demoing the new user interface.

Crackdown Xbox One

Look at the bottom left tile, it’s an orb. Suspiciously looking like one you would collect from say, Crackdown? Does this mean a new title in the series is in the works?

But who’d be developing it? The original developer is long gone and maybe Ruffian Games is working on it but they haven’t talked about anything regarding next-gen. So we’re left to wonder.

A new Crackdown would be super awesome since who doesn’t like jumping high in the air and crushing the floor beneath you? Let us know in the comments who’d you want to develop it or post in our forums

Via NeoGAF

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