Top 10 things we want to see at the Xbox Reveal

 Top 10 things we want to see at the Xbox Reveal

4. Always-on controversy addressed

Always On

As the industry anxiously awaited news on the next Xbox, the largest rumor seemed to be centered around Microsoft’s console requiring an always-on connection to function. The rumor has been mostly debunked with, well, other rumors, but it’s a point of controversy that Microsoft can’t shy away from on Tuesday. Will the system require you to have an internet connection to play games? Will developers have the option to turn on this DRM or leave it off? Microsoft can talk about everything they want, but not addressing this issue with a confirmation one way or the other will lead to nothing but skepticism on their new console. We’ve seen rumor after rumor and a controversy that lead to an employee of Microsoft being fired, so it’s time to address the consumer’s concerns.

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