Top 10 things we want to see at the Xbox Reveal

 Top 10 things we want to see at the Xbox Reveal

5. Improvements to Xbox Live

Xbox Live

While Xbox Live has proven to be a solid experience, it’s not without its faults. The two largest complaints against the service seem to be the limit of 100 friends and not receiving more for the subscription to the service. Microsoft needs to address the friend’s list cap and either announce a higher amount of friends or a different take on the service to remove this frustration. As user’s pay $60 a year for Xbox Live Gold, the argument has been made that there’s not much return on the service for a consumer. Sure, you have the ability to play games online, can download demos, and have the ability to engage in a party chat. Where are the free games or rewards? Sony’s addition of Playstation Plus introduced promotions like having free access to Borderlands just before Borderlands 2 released, or full versions of arcade titles each month to enjoy. We’re keen on new features for the service, but we really want to see Microsoft announce free content for consumers that’s actually worthwhile.

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