Here’s a teaser for ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’

 Here’s a teaser for ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’

WB Games are bringing out a new Batman game this year with Batman: Arkham Origins, with WB Montreal taking over from Rocksteady. Now we get a tease of some of the action we’ll see in the game.

The teaser below has Batman and Deathstroke in battle. Bats is parrying away while Deathstroke is trying to slash him so much. Check out the teaser below:

[youtube id=”tq9bKYfyM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

We’ll see a full trailer on May 20. Interesting to note that this game will feature a multiplayer mode which would be nice to see what that’s all about. As long as the single-player is great, we’ll all be happy it’s not cold. You’ll be able to pick up the game on October 25.

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