‘NCAA Football 14’ Ultimate Team mode has details revealed

 ‘NCAA Football 14’ Ultimate Team mode has details revealed

For the NCAA Football series, it has often been thought that an Ultimate Team mode couldn’t happen. EA SPORTS took a creative approach and found a way to make it work in NCAA Football 14, and we have the first details on the mode.

An appearance on the Press Row podcast by Ben Haumiller, NCAA Football 14 producer, has given us our first look at the brand new mode. Ultimate Team in the game will take advantage of the NFLPA license and bring forth active NFL players represented in their college days. Peyton Manning at Tennessee is an example of players that we’ll be able to collect and add to our team, but Ben stated that there were additional players licensed outside of the NFLPA budget.

Below, we’ve included a few snippets of information from the podcast:

  • Roughly 2,500 players currently is the target in the NCAA Football 14 player pool.
  • The development team couldn’t use some players because they’re not in good standings with their respective colleges
  • All 126 schools are represented within the game
  • Players who had great college careers but sub-par NFL careers will be a focus (Erasmus James mentioned as an example)
  • Head-to-Head Seasons will be the premier mode for online play in NCAA Football 14.
  • Russell Wilson will have both a Wisconsin & a NC State version
  • The Skills Trainer will help you earn unlocks for Ultimate Team
  • Cards will be from different years of a player’s career at their college. Used Matt Barkley freshman year as an example. Doug Flutie and Tyrann Mathieu were also mentioned as being included.
  • Playbooks, players, and stadiums are included. Coaches are not part of the Ultimate Team mode this year.

There’s tons of great information in the podcast, and it appears that the Ultimate Team mode in NCAA Football 14 will be incredibly appealing. What’s your opinion on the addition of the mode to the game? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NCAA Football 14 in our community.

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