Double Fine still working on getting the rights for ‘Stacking’, ‘Costume Quest’ back


After the THQ closure earlier this year, while many eyes were on the big projects like Saints Row, they had a large list of small independent IPs. Double Fine Productions developed two games that THQ published, Stacking and Costume Quest. Now they’re just trying to get it back.

In an interview with Game Informer, CEO of Double Fine Tim Schafer confirmed that since the THQ auction, they’re still trying to get the rights. It’s not just to make new games though, Schafer goes into more detail below:

“We can still make more of those games. We still have the IP, but we’d love to have all of the IP and distribution rights in house.”

It’s mostly just to have everything under one roof as opposed to shared developer/publisher relationship. Makes sense though, as I’d be down for more Costume Quest any day of the week. Although Double Fine are hard at work on their Kickstarter-funded Broken Age.

Let us know in the comments if you want more Costume Quest like me.

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