Rumor: Next Xbox to be called Xbox Infinity

 Rumor: Next Xbox to be called Xbox Infinity

Sources close to International Business Times UK have revealed that the next Xbox will be titled Xbox Infinity, following an image that appeared on Reddit (seen above), which appears to be fan made.

Awaiting confirmation of the future console’s name from Microsoft’s May 21st event, many have speculated as two what the console will be called. Many saw Xbox 720 as a logical progression from its predecessor’s name, the Xbox 360, and others have thrown around the name Durango, the console’s supposed codename.

IBTimes UK also reports that development kits are in the hands of developers, which would make sense, considering the unconfirmed, but much anticipated holiday 2013 release date.

Personally, I am okay with a name like Xbox Infinity, but I would definitely prefer just “Xbox.” It’s cleaner. What do you think the next Xbox should be called? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our forums.

Source IBTimes UK


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