Bethesda announces ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ for current and next-gen consoles


After announcing The Evil Within a month ago, Bethesda have been slowly unveiling new title after title. Today’s game reveal is a reboot admittedly of one of the pioneers of the first-person genre: Wolfenstein.

Since Bethesda owns id Software, they now have the rights to the franchise and we have a re-imagining with Wolfenstein: The New Order. It takes place in an alternate universe of the 1960s. It’s being developed by MachineGames who are headed up by some ex-Starbreeze employees.

It’ll be coming to PC, current and next-generation consoles in Q4 2013 so sometime this fall they’re looking towards release. Check out the announcement trailer below, it’s pretty cool:

[youtube id=”E6opaIl8h8U” width=”620″ height=”360″]

It’s cool to see it come back or rebooted again rather. Let us know in the comments what you think or post in our forums.

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