‘Pacific Rim’ game spotted on Australian ratings board

 ‘Pacific Rim’ game spotted on Australian ratings board

That insanely cool robots vs. monsters movie from Guillermo Del Toro appears to be getting a video game tie-in, if the Australian Classifications Board is to be believed.

According to the listing, the multiplatform game is rated M for “fantasy violence’ and mentions online play. The game is being developed and published by Yuke’s Co., a development house best known for its WWE and UFC Undisputed series. Its most recent project was the poorly-received but modestly-successful Real Steel game, also a tie-in to a movie.

Some digging yielded a press release that confirms that, yes, Yuke’s did acquire a Pacific Rim license and is preparing a game to tie into the movie. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information on the game, as all the press release gives is “details about the game’s content and release will be announced as they are finalized.” However, given that the dev practices almost exclusively in wrestlers, it follows logically that Pacific Rim will be some sort of arena-based brawler or wrestler. Yuke’s is also listed as the publisher, which suggests that this may be a downloadable game.

We’ll let you know when more information crops up, but for now, you can whet everyone’s appetite by telling us what you would like to see in the game, or nerd out over the prospect of giant robots fighting giant monsters in our forums!


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