Fan Art Feature: Gaming propoganda and posters by Titch-IX

 Fan Art Feature: Gaming propoganda and posters by Titch-IX

Mark Thomson is a talented artist. A student from the United Kingdom, Mark has created a vast amount of fan art with an emphasis on graphic design. From recreating logos from Skyrim to propoganda and posters. One of which hangs in my dorm room as I speak. Yes, his art is that good.

All of this work is coming straight from his deviantART page, so if you want to see more, make sure to head on over there!

Mass Effect Omega Vintage Poster

Mass Effect Citadel Vintage Poster

Heavy Rain Film Poster

Deus Ex: Human Revolution LIMB Wallpaper 720p

Arkham Keep Sane and Carry On

Batman Arkham City Propoganda

Yeah, you’re jealous that I have that Citadel poster on my wall right now, aren’t you? Well if you want to see any of these hanging on your wall, there are prints available on his RedBubble page!

We would like to thank Mark for his work, again, make sure to head over to his deviantART page and keep encouraging him to pump out masterpieces.

If you’d like to see yourself or someone you like featured, just leave a quick description and a link in the comments below and we’ll take them into consideration!

Check in next week for some Uncharted 3 concept art!

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