New ‘Counter-Strike’ map pack rewards modders

 New ‘Counter-Strike’ map pack rewards modders

Valve is no stranger to generating money from user-created content, and this philosophy is spreading to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Dubbed Operation Payback, the new piece of DLC aims to cycle top-rated community maps into the official game, then give the creators a cut of the profits.

The add-on will be available until July 31st, and is currently being sold at a discount for $2.99. Contributors will also receive a “challenge coin,” which displays next to your avatar and upgrades as you play the new maps. The purchase isn’t required, but will allow you to play the maps on official Valve servers. There’s no official word on what percentage the mapmakers will receive.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive originally released in August 2012, and was intended to be the next major step in the Counter-Strike series. While very similar to its predecessors, CS:GO attempted to spread its appeal to consoles, releasing on both the PSN and XBLA.

Source: Counter Strike Blog
Via: Gamasutra

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