In PlayStation Plus We Trust: April 30, 2013

 In PlayStation Plus We Trust: April 30, 2013

Sony’s PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service that allows members to get weekly and monthly access to discounted games on the PlayStation Network, as well as the occasional free game. Sony has calculated that the $50/year service has granted thousands of dollars in savings.

Everyone loves free games, but nobody likes a free game that’s a piece of HDD-hogging garbage. “In PlayStation Plus We Trust” is a new weekly feature outlining the new free addition(s) to the Instant Game Collection to help you decide whether that newest freebie in the Store is worth your time.

This week, we look at a very bizarre strategy games called Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge.

Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge


Zombie Tycoon II attempts to tackle the unique challenge of making an RTS playable on a console. Generally speaking, it succeeds. Plus, you command a zombie horde, and what isn’t awesome about that? This is a squad-based RTS with squads being automatically assigned to each of the face buttons. Units can be directed to attack buildings, which will be turned to the attacking faction and fortified as turret type units. Basic zombies can be upgraded to units such as Samurai or Engineers, each of which have specific strengths to round out a zombie army. Each side also gets a Monster, one super-powered beast that has special abilities that can turn the tide of battle in a pinch (but severely unbalance the fray at other times).

One major control problem, however, is the imprecision of directing units. The Mobile Spawner, the unit that must be protected, can fire from a distance; however, if you barely miss the unit you’re aiming at with your cursor, the unit will start moving towards the unit without firing—straight into the heat of battle. This is extraordinarily frustrating, but one of the only shortcomings in what is a generally good package. It’s not mind-blowing or revolutionary, but it’s worth a look, particularly for the expressive, hilarious art style.

Verdict: Worth Downloading


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Heritage Sale (Spring Fever)

This week sees sales for darn near all of the games for most of the characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. These are major discounts, too: for pretty much all of these games, Plus members will enjoy a 50% discount. That includes games such as the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for $19.59, God of War Collection for $14.69, inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood for $4.89, and way more. If you’ve ever had even a passing interest in any of these titles, now is the time to give them a shot. Most of the individual games from each collection are also available separately, if you prefer. You have until May 7 to get in on these deals.

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