Skarner, Zilean, and Fiddle in this weekend’s ‘League of Legends’ sale


We’ve been on a little hiatus when it comes to posting League of Legends skin sale details, so if you’ve been missing them, we’re glad to have you back! This week we’re traveling through time with Skarner, Fiddlsticks, and Zilean.

For 487 Riot Points you can pick up Shurima Desert Zilian, while Fiddle Me Timbers is only 375. Still not cheap enough? Earthrune Skarner is even cheaper at 260 Riot Points.

If you like dealing with champion acquisition, you too have your options. Ziggs, Leona, and Wukong are all on sale for 487, 440, and 440 RP, respectively.

This one lasts through April 29, so hop on League of Legends and get ’em while they’re hot!

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