Rumor: EA to close Partners label

 Rumor: EA to close Partners label

EA has been going through some changes lately, and the EA Partners label might be caught in the crossfire. Unnamed sources told Game Informer yesterday that the label would soon be closed down. When contacted for a statement, the publishing giant has been responding with the following statement,

“In recent weeks, EA has aligned all elements of its organizational structure behind priorities in new technologies and mobile. This has led to some difficult decisions to reduce the workforce in some locations. We are extremely grateful for the contributions made by each of our employees – those that are leaving EA will be missed by their colleagues and friends.

“These are hard but essential changes as we focus on delivering great games and showing players around the world why to spend their time with us.”

While providing no specific information, the statement does suggests changes may be incoming. Sources went on to explain that current projects, such as Respawn’s upcoming game and Insomiac’s Fuse will be unaffected.

EA Partners provided contract deals with developers, and brought us titles like Brutal Legend, Shadows of the Damned, and the Crysis series.

Source: Game Informer
Via: Joystiq

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