What We Missed: ‘Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’ trailer, used games on PS4 and more

Since our staff is responsible for covering pretty much everything related to the video game industry on a daily basis, it can be tough to post all the stories we think our readers would like to see. Videos go unwatched, new release dates are missed and silly quotes just float away without ever being heard. So, instead of ignoring the news that slipped through the cracks each week, we decided to put it all in one convenient place!

This week, we watch Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon get Michael Biehned, hear GameStop’s president weigh in on the PS4 and update our Wii Us.

‘Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon’ – Michael Biehn is Sergeant Rex “Power” Colt

[youtube id=”699gKEJnoXE” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Gamestop President believes the PS4 will play used games

Speaking to Forbes, GameStop president Tony Bartel commented on the rumors of next generation consoles not playing used games. “There has been a lot of speculation on this topic. Console manufacturers understand that recent surveys indicate 60+ percent of video game consumers would be less likely to purchase a new console that did not play pre-owned games.”

He points out something that is often forgotten in the used game debate: “Also, used games generate more than $1 billion of trade credit annually, 70 percent of which is credited towards purchasing new games and new hardware.” The interview focuses heavily on the PS4 and what Sony has revealed about it so far, head over to Forbes if you’re interested in hearing more thoughts Tony.

‘Whore of the Orient’ development on hold, Team Bondi staff layed off

MCV is reporting that there have been lay offs are LA Noire developer, Team Bondi. The team, now a part of the production house Kennedy Miller Mitchell, were working on another ambitious detective story. Whore of the Orient is to be a detective story set in 1963, though it’s fate is now in question.

However in an update to the original story, Doug Mitchell from KMM comment that “Whore of the Orient is a unique and extraordinary story and game, and we are still actively pursuing the right investor to partner with.” So it certainly sounds like KMM still plan to go forward with the game in some fashion.

Wii U update improves load times, adds USB data transfer and more.

Nintendo have just released an update for the Wii U system software that among other things  improves load times. A comparison video below shows the improvement Wii U owners can expect when going back to the Wii U menu from a game.

The update will also allow Wii U users to copy and move data between USB drives, have software automatically install in the background while playing a game and set the Wii U to boot up in Wii mode.

[youtube id=”zBmg_CNsQcc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Second wave of ‘Pokemon Rumble U’ figurines

Pokemon Rumble U, Nintendo’s answer to Skylanders, is set to release in Japan next week. Ahead of that Nintendo have announced the second wave of figures that will work with the game.

This wave will launch May 25 and includes Eevee, Mewtwo, Croagunk, Zoroark, Litwick and Genesect with a secret seventh character rounding it all out. Check out the image of the figures below courtesy of VG24/7.


‘Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection’ appears in Korea

Something called Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection has recently show up on the Korean Game Rating board’s website. It’s not clear what exactly this Legacy Collection is but VG24/7 has speculated that it could be related to an image (below) that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima tweeted.

Could we finally be getting a full Metal Gear Solid collection, including a new version of the original game? It’s certainly possible, and the image Kojima tweeted does feature all iterations of MGS Snake.

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