‘League of Legends’ Champion update: Sejuani and Trundle

 ‘League of Legends’ Champion update: Sejuani and Trundle

Two popular Champions from Riot Games’ massively popular MOBA League of Legends have been reworked both aesthetically and in a gameplay sense.

Sejuani is a powerful ice warrior, and the game’s developer didn’t feel it captured that fact through the character’s flimsy armor. She’s now equipped with heavier, more imposing garbs, and her fierce steed, Bristle, is also a bit more intimidating.

“In order to deliver on the promise of a powerful barbarian, we’ve added enhanced utility to her skills, allowing her to go head-on as a massive, tanky initiator,” Riot said concerning the character’s new style of play. “With a powerful armor-generating passive, a potent knock-up, AoE damage and slow to go along with a tweaked version of Glacial Prison, the Winter’s Wrath is now even more angry.”

The second Champion to see a significant alteration is Trundle, who’s now considered king of the trolls. Some gameplay changes will be assessed, but the main news here is his expanded lore and visual overhaul.

While he was once a garbage-riddled character that could nearly be smelled through the screen, Trundle now leads his people as an ice troll. This gives him a new stride, a greater presence on the fields of battle and a better chance with all those lady trolls out there. Also, anyone who owned this Champion before the update will get a free skin of his old look.

“Trundle’s abilities are receiving a few minor changes and tweaks to add some additional functionality to Subjugate and Frozen Kingdom (formerly Decompose and Contaminate, respectively),” the developer said. “Trundle’s ultimate now steals a percentage of your target’s magic resist, armor and health in addition to dealing damage based their max health. Also, when you stand in Frozen Kingdom you gain increased healing from all sources.”

We’ll keep you posted on all future Champion alterations in the future, so stay tuned.

Do you use either of these Champions in battle? If so, are you excited about the changes? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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