Logitech G100s Gaming Mouse Review

 Logitech G100s Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech’s G100s gaming mouse isn’t a technological innovation. The corded device has an ergonomic design, buttons with quality quickly evident to the touch and three separate sensitivity settings to help owners find their ideal browsing speed. The simple peripheral is actually a close descendant of the G100 that was never made available in North America, but still found a great deal of success in other territories. It’s familiar, but the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” ideology implemented in this new line of G series mice shouldn’t be held against Logitech.

Instead, the PC gadget manufacturer should be praised for its dedication to quality first. Nothing about the G100s mouse will shock dedicated PC players who desire a litany of buttons close to their sweaty palms, but the sleek finish, durability and overall functionality of this affordable option make it ideal for individuals looking to safely test the PC gaming waters. It’s a comfortable feel for both simple browsing and extended weekend gaming sessions, and at the low price of $39.99, the G100s is a smart pickup for buyers on a budget.

For all you tech junkies out there who need cold, hard numbers before even considering a new mouse, here’s the information that the company has provided:

  • 2500 DPI Delta Zero optical sensor: Built for high-accuracy targeting and cursor control
  • Rugged buttons and low-friction feet, rated to last 20 million clicks and 250 km
  • Advanced surface materials: Hydrophobic coatings that help prevent your hand from sticking to the mouse
  • Ambidextrous shape designed to help reduce hand fatigue during long gaming sessions
  • Made for PC gaming: Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Out of all the above features, it’s comfort that reigns supreme. Whether you’re playing seven consecutive games of League of Legends or just a round of Team Fortress 2, the G100s never ceases to feel like an extension of your natural grip. The smooth coating is polished without causing unwanted slippage, and the segmented feel of the mouse wheel allows for highly accurate scrolling. The 20 million-click lifecycle should allow for all the unnecessary button clacking in games like Torchlight II you’ve ever wanted, and for someone like me who insists that pressing buttons harder will lead to a greater stockpile of loot, that’s a plus.

Yet, the fact still remains that dedicated PC players will want more than what the G100s provides. The extended functionality and plethora of hot buttons found on the high-end devices are absent here, so if you’re looking to access spells without laying a hand on the keyboard, this isn’t the mouse for you. The G500s or G700s, which are Logitech’s other fresh gaming options, will please that audience, but both come at a greater price.

With a basic feature set and $39.99 price tag, the G100s from Logitech is a smart buy for more casual PC gamers. Every bit of its functionality, from the segmented scrolling of the mouse wheel to the smooth, non-skid surface, is top notch. Its durability should also help it remain viable until the owner is ready to graduate to a more sophisticated peripheral, so the meager investment will go a long way. As long as you don’t go in expecting a button-coated, top-of-the-line piece of hardware, the G100s is a wonderful gaming option.

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