Durango’s controller has zebra stripes

 Durango’s controller has zebra stripes

The above image is a mock-up. Not an official image of the Durango controller.

The controller for the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, has black and white stripes running along it, according to Kotaku’s sources.

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo has a couple speculative theories on the decision to incorporate these black and white stripes. The first is that it is a preventative measure to deter potential leakers of the product. The other theory is that it is a technique meant to “dazzle” onlookers.

Aside from the zebra pattern, the controller that currently sits in the hands of developers looks and feels more or less like an Xbox 360 controller.

“The controller, according to Kotaku sources, actually seems quite similar to the current Xbox 360 one. Same two analog sticks in the same upper-left/lower-right position, same positioning of the d-pad and face buttons and forward and back buttons. Triggers. Bumpers. Top-center power button. It all seems to be the same, though we can’t tell if any of these buttons have been improved–if, say, the d-pad responds more crisply, if the triggers pull more deeply, and so on. The new controller, as we reported more than a year ago, is apparently a little smaller than the existing 360 one. It’s still the same basic shape, perhaps with refined contours. It’s more or less what people are used to.”

Chances are, we’ll hear more concrete information on Durango, Kinect 2.0 and its controller in the months leading up to E3 in June with a final big reveal of the product and software at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference.

Are you planning on buying Microsoft’s next console or has the PS4 already won you over? Let us know in the comments or head over to our forums.

Source Kotaku

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