DC MOBA ‘Infinite Crisis’ announced

 DC MOBA ‘Infinite Crisis’ announced

The MOBA scene is heating up lately with multiple new additions to the unique genre. The latest of these takes place in the DC Universe and will bring some interesting additions to the table.

Infinite Crisis, developed by Turbine (Lord of the Rings Online), will feature many of the icons of the DC Universe, as well as Multiverse variations that draw from additional nightmarish versions of the heroes. There will, apparently, also be destructible environments. There is not much more that was given in terms of information on the game, but we do know that it will be free-to-play when it releases later this year for PCs. Check out the trailer below.

I’m starting to get more into MOBAs so I’ll probably give this a shot. Are you excited, or is this one MOBA too many? Tell us in the comments, or discuss¬†Infinite Crisis in our forums!

[youtube id=”2AMIDlPlg6Y” width=”620″ height=”360″]


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