Volition senior producer: ‘Saints Row IV’ to have ‘very robust’ DLC

 Volition senior producer: ‘Saints Row IV’ to have ‘very robust’ DLC

PAX East is underway, and without a doubt one of the biggest games on display is the recently-announced Saints Row IV, the latest entry in Volition’s over-the-top sandbox adventure franchise due out Aug. 20. The game’s sure to be packed with content on day one, but Volition isn’t content to stop there – the game has an extensive DLC plan, Volition’s senior producer tells Destructoid. The content is expected to be a mixture of story-based DLC and item and clothing packs.

“We plan on having a very robust DLC plan for Saints Row IV,” senior producer Jim Boone tells Destructoid. “We haven’t put an exact number on it, in fact it’s frankly it’s something we’re still working on with Deep Silver. We had it all planned out with THQ, and we want to make sure the same drops make sense, the same timing and all that kind of stuff so we’re still kind of in a finalizing sort of mode. But it’s very comparable, at least our planning right now, is very comparable.”

Saints Row IV will place the player in the shoes of a Saint who’s been elected President of the United States caught in the midst of an alien invasion – so, clearly, a more muted and serious take on the series for a change. The invading extra-terrestrials place the Saints in a virtual-reality version of Steelport, leaving the gang to utilize simulated super-powers to fight back and escape. The game incorporates elements from “Enter the Dominatrix,” a planned expansion for Saints Row: The Third, which was canceled last year and also heavily featured an alien invasion.

Saints Row IV is developed by Volition, which was acquired by Deep Silver parent company Koch Media earlier this year after the studios’ previous owner THQ declared bankruptcy and dissolved in January.

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