‘White Knight Chronicles I and II’ servers shutting down in June

 ‘White Knight Chronicles I and II’ servers shutting down in June

The online servers allowing players of both the first and second White Knight Chronicles games will be permanently shut down June 18.

Developer Level-5’s fantasy role-playing video game found a great deal of success in Japan with its addicting online cooperative modes, and eventually, a sequel made its way to The Land of the Rising Sun. Both White Knight Chronicles games also happened to make their way to the rest of the world after a few years, but for anyone with plans to dig into this online-integrated experience this year, the servers will be no more in just a few months.

A post on the PlayStation community forums revealed the news, and as of now, it’s unknown whether or not the Trophies tied to the game’s multiplayer will be accessible in the future.

Offline play will continue, but after June 18, don’t expect to connect with other players.

Are you a fan of this RPG series? Did you play the game online? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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