‘League of Legends’ 3/12 PBE update: very minor changes

 ‘League of Legends’ 3/12 PBE update: very minor changes

Some small changes came to the League of Legends public beta environment (PBE) last night. While they include only two small changes, they’re both worth noting.

The upcoming Headhunter Nidalee skin finally received it’s particle effects at the end of her spear. Other than that, the only change was Nami’s (E) Tidecaller’s Blessing which had it’s duration reduced to six seconds from the previous eight. (It’s worth noting that this is still technically a buff since Nami’s E currently sits at five seconds on the actual client).

We’ve seen a decreasing amount of content in each update as Riot approaches update 3.04. Look for that to be pushed to the client soon.

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