‘Mass Effect 3: Citadel’ soundtrack now available for free

 ‘Mass Effect 3: Citadel’ soundtrack now available for free

Those of you who’ve played Mass Effect 3‘s latest and final piece of downloadable content surely noticed the stunning soundtrack that was composed by Sam Hulick, Cris Velasco, and Sascha Dikiciyan. If you’re anything like me, anxiously awaiting the release of the soundtrack, you’ve been pestering those involved in the creation of what was possibly the best DLC ever released for the trilogy. Today is the day that the sountrack has finally been released, and, with the gaming gods smiling down, it’s been released for free.

To hear the 20 new tracks from Mass Effect 3: “Citadel,” head on over to BioWare’s official website, log in with Origin, and download the album already! My ears have never been happier.

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