‘SimCity’ adding more servers to combat instability

 ‘SimCity’ adding more servers to combat instability

The launch of EA and Maxis’s SimCity has been anything but pretty, but the endless cues and sudden progress loss may end when the developer adds more servers to the mix.

This mostly single-player game has been plagued by ugly problems due to high demand and an always-on DRM. Players excited to dig into the game on day one (and two, and three…) have either entered their city with ease or been stuck waiting in line. The world hasn’t exactly been happy with the issue, but Maxis is doing everything in its power to make things right.

“We are hitting a number of problems with our server architecture which has seen players encountering bugs and long wait times to enter servers,” the developer wrote on EA’s forums. “This is, obviously, not the situation we wanted for our launch week and we want you to know that we are putting everything we have at resolving these issues.”

That’s great and all, but what’s being done to end all the problems? Thankfully, Maxis has a game plan.

“What we are doing is deploying more servers over the coming two days which will alleviate many of the ongoing issues,” the post reads. “We are also paying close attention to all the bug reports we are receiving from our fans. We’ve already pushed several updates in the last few days. Our live ops team is working 24/7 to resolve issues and ensure that bug fixes roll into the game as quickly as possible.”

Time will tell whether or not this fixes the problems. For now, players will just have to do their best to enter and enjoy the world of SimCity.

Have you been having issues with this single-player game? Are you looking forward to seeing new servers? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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