‘Skyrim’ update on Steam, adds Legendary difficulty

 ‘Skyrim’ update on Steam, adds Legendary difficulty

If you’re one of those hardcore gamers that didn’t think Skyrim was difficult, you’re in luck, because Bethesda is adding a new difficulty with the newest update, 1.9.

According to the Bethesda Blog, the beta version of the patch is available now, and will add an additional difficulty mode called Legendary–the hardest one yet. In addition to fixing a multitude of odd and very specific bugs, it will also add Legendary skills, which will remove the level cap on skills of 100 (after resetting them of course, because, you know, Legendary difficulty).

The update beta is accessible to Steam users by right-clicking in the Title in your library, selecting Properties and clicking on Beta. As always with these things, make sure you back up your saves.

Are you still spending time roving around Skyrim? Tell us in the comments, or share your tales of adventure in our forums!

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