‘Total War: Rome II’ introduces Teutoburg Forest in new trailer

 ‘Total War: Rome II’ introduces Teutoburg Forest in new trailer

The Creative Assembly’s latest and greatest strategy title, Total War: Rome II, is ready to show the world some of its large-scale battles through The Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

Teutoburg Forest is just one of the many historical battles that will be featured in Rome II, which is a game focused on the transformation of the Roman Republic. This particular scene is meant to demonstrates a few of the new features in this sequel, such as the line-of-sight system, deployable battlefield technology and a fresh style of ambush scenarios.

[youtube id=”7fqb3cPPfuM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Here’s a bit more from the developer about this unique battle:

In 9AD, Teutoburg Forest was the scene of a crushing defeat for the Empire. Masterminded by Arminius, the son of a Germanic chieftain taken as a child and raised as a hostage in Rome, the battle saw his betrayal of the Roman general Varus. Arminius united the tribes, ambushed Varus’ Legion and struck a fatal and shattering blow to the Empire’s expansion.

Total War: Rome II, the sequel to the 2004 PC game Rome: Total War, will be out this October.

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